MOVIE – Eurocar SummerChill and Grill

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: / 08 20, 2015

Check our new movie from Eurocarmeeting by Streetmaniacs Summer Chill & Grill #2 produced by Ciprian Mihai. Enjoy 6 minutes of awsome ride and people.

It’s Showtime – Eurocar Meeting Chichis 2015 Chill `nd Grill

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Cristian Gabriel & Gabor Ugron / 07 28, 2015

After a long wait and lots of prepping and planning, this year’s EuroCar Summer Chill & Grill session finally took place last weekend in the awesome setting of the Chichis Natura Park, just like in 2014. Lots of green, several pools, great hamburgers, cool people in fine automobiles and thankfully, perfect weather: one doesn’t need much more for a perfect weekend, we reckon.

We hate your mom’s SUV – RACEISM Event 2k15

Photo: Peter Mosoni / Text: Bogdan Pacea / 07 09, 2015

What is RACEISM? I’m pretty sure you, people reading our forum/blog, have seen the RACEISM logo on stanced cars before. But what does it stand for? Basically, it’s a “bunch” of people from Poland, who share the same passion for slammed cars, wide bodies, aggressive camber or tucked wheels. Our brothers from different mothers.

E30 Fest. Need I say more? – BMW E30 Fest 2015

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Bogdan Pacea / 06 30, 2015

This is the 5th year of E30 Fest. Each year, the meeting spot is somewhere in the mountains, where the air is much cleaner and the oxygen levels are a bit higher. You would think that would make a lot of E30 owners to come to their senses regarding money spent on their beloved cars. You think wrong. Coming at a car meeting like this, only makes you more determined, more focused, you see new parts, new bits, new trends, that you might want to install on your car. And that is a good thing.