End of the season – Lowctober Fest

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Bogdan Pacea / October 13, 2015

 Today we’ll speak about cars, but most important, about passion for cars. A passion that unites us all. I’ll try to keep this brief, as the photos that Ciprian took at the event are pretty self-explanatory. But, with your permission, I’d like to make just a few remarks.




LowSociety and the crew attended Lowctober a few days ago. An event that has just began making a statement among modified low custom cars in Romania. But, due to his passion and his friends who put this show together, it promises a lot. You often hear people talking about original ideas or events inspired by what is happening in the western or central part of Europe. In our case, in the field of modified cars, we mean of course events like Worthersee and Raceism. But most end up making the event just for vanity or fame.




Why I think it will be a serious event? First of all, I like the name. It’s catchy, and it basically let’s you know from the start the period of the year when the show will be. Can’t miss it, even if you try. It’s in OCTOBER! Every year.








Second factor I like: quality is the main factor. Cars made about people who like cars, no matter the brand. Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Skoda, Mazda, VAG boys, black or white, atheists and Catholics, doesn’t matter. What unites all of us is that huge piece of metal, on four wheels, in which we pour our heart, soul and money.




OK, now let’s look at the pretty pictures with cars in it. Not before letting you know the name of the club who is in charge of this event, Speed and Sound. Be sure to check out their Facebook page. And if you think about joining them next year (the event is in OCTOBER), you can phone Bogdan at +4.0741.066.982. There isn’t a limited number of cars allowed, attendance is only granted according to the quality of the work done on the car. At this year’s event, a number of 131 cars where registered and over 600 visitors passed to see what’s on display. As a sneak preview, for 2016, they plan on finding a spot that can host indoor as well, so no matter the weather, you can still find cool cars to browse without getting soaked.




As usual, we left the comment section below opened. So shout out your opinion, be constructive, help us improve the culture automotive stage in Romania.