Game Over – Eurocar Meeting Beach Edition #3

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Cristian Gabriel / Bogdan Pacea / September 16, 2015

After a long battle against time because of Ciprian’s accident, good things came up and we finally managed to finish his red, new E30 in time for “Streetmaniacs Eurocar Beach Edition 2015”. Probably some of you think it was easy , but it wasn’t. He had to swap the whole trimming of the car, with new chrome line accessories, new grills, repaint bumpers, smoked headlights and fog lights, moved the whole suspension out of the white one, also the wheels and the steering wheel. New radiator was ordered and now is running like a dream. Exterior and interior detailing was done by “Custom Wheels and Tuning” and our specialized friends from “Anvelope NFS” restored the wheels.




Waking up in the morning with a lot of rain coming from the sky was not what we expected when we planned to start the trip, but we had to keep on going. We have gathered up on the highway and started cruising. Bad events couldn’t stay away so Ciprian had a flat tire, eventually he managed to fix it.


lowsocietybeach#17 lowsocietybeach#16


Because he didn’t participate to “Chill and grill” event, Alex put his ambition into fixing his wide body MK3 Golf, in order to join us for the beach trip. Car was running like a real street weapon, no issues. After we washed the cars in Mamaia, we finally got to the event place, and the party started. Lots of new cars and projects showed this time.




Lowhouse crew and GTI CLUB.MD stood up again with a couple of very clean MK3’s. The blue Mark 3 won the best engine bay prize. Seems like the trend of bagged cars is going upwards, but the pride of driving a static car will always remain higher. As you can see Andrey’s Mercedes W124 is a pure example of a true stanced car. His new configuration on these 17” Braid wheels and aggressive camber, placed this wagon on the top of our preferences.




The variety of cars and styles made this event a total blast. It seems like mixing the sea with stance scene results a very good outcome as you can see in the pictures below: