Monte Carlo Rally 2016

Photo: Attila Szabo / Text: Dan Terea / 02 02, 2016

La volanul unui Volkswagen Polo R WRC si avandu-l in drepta sa pe Julien Ingrassia, Sebastien Ogier a castigat prima etapa a Campionatului Mondial de Raliuri, gazduita de Monte-Carlo. 

Eurocar Beach Edition 2015 The Movie

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: / 12 17, 2015

We have a new movie , afterc City Spring Edition and Chill & Grill Movies is time for us to go at the seaside from an awsome event by Streetmaniacs . Have a nice watch of Ciprian`s new footage .

End of the season – Lowctober Fest

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Bogdan Pacea / 10 13, 2015

 Today we’ll speak about cars, but most important, about passion for cars. A passion that unites us all. I’ll try to keep this brief, as the photos that Ciprian took at the event are pretty self-explanatory. But, with your permission, I’d like to make just a few remarks.


Game Over – Eurocar Meeting Beach Edition #3

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Cristian Gabriel / Bogdan Pacea / 09 16, 2015

After a long battle against time because of Ciprian’s accident, good things came up and we finally managed to finish his red, new E30 in time for “Streetmaniacs Eurocar Beach Edition 2015”. Probably some of you think it was easy , but it wasn’t. He had to swap the whole trimming of the car, with new chrome line accessories, new grills, repaint bumpers, smoked headlights and fog lights, moved the whole suspension out of the white one, also the wheels and the steering wheel. New radiator was ordered and now is running like a dream. Exterior and interior detailing was done by “Custom Wheels and Tuning” and our specialized friends from “Anvelope NFS” restored the wheels.