Dreams do come true – Marian’s flawless BMW e36

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Daniel Calin / April 26, 2017

When you are in the high end shoes manufacturing business you are used to offer nothing but the best to your customers. This is the exact mindset that Marian, the proud owner of the car you will admire through Ciprian’s lens in the pictures below, embarked with to the mission of creating the perfect BMW e36.

Nowadays, when the entire social media is literally flooded with e36’s from all over the world, one nicer than another, you would think that you’ve seen it all. Well, let me just tell you, and you can take my word for it, this BMW is in a league of its own.

When you set your standards so high and you aim to create something unique, you want to team up with some of the best out there that can take care of different parts of the project.




For the most important part of the project, the body work, Marian’s choice was Dandu Auto Stil, famous for their amazing metal work skills. The body of the car underwent a manually striping process down to bare metal. The front and rear fenders have been reshaped completely to accommodate the new wheels, while retaining that factory look (more about the wheels later. Trust me, it is worth the patience).

Next was the paint. And boy, what a color! Candy Brandy Red from Carizzma R-M was the color that stole Marian’s heart. The whole restoration process was completed in 14 months but, looking at the final result, I’d say it worth every single minute.






You probably noticed by now that the car sits grounded on the floor when parked. That’s thanks to the guys at AFS – Air Force Suspension who equipped the car with one of their 4CRN independent air ride kits. Take the owner’s words, the car rides perfectly while he enjoys the benefits of an adjustable suspension at the touch of a button.




Coming down to the wheels, people say that a set of wheels can make or brake a car. Nothing could be more true than that, in my opinion. That’s why Marian handed over this important task to the team at AnvelopeNFS. A set of BBS EVO Cross Spoke was custom crafted to the impressive sizes 9×17, ET15 in the front and 11.2×17, ET25 in the back, wrapped in 205/40/R17 rubber, respectively 215/40/R17. As if this was not already enough, a set of OZ Breyton was also built because Marian couldn’t decide which one he likes best. Talk about being a baller :)

Things don’t just end up here of course; this is not another “all show, no go” car. Under the hood lies a 2.8 24V power plant with a custom intake and exhaust and some other go-fast goodies. You should hear this hitting the limiter at 7200 rpm!









For the final touch, the Vader M3 interior has been fully restored using Mastrotto natural leather.

I’ll wrap it here and let you enjoy Ciprian’s amazing, as usual, pictures.