Breaking the borders – Stefan’s bagged BMW e23

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Daniel Calin / April 20, 2017

I feel I have the duty from the very beginning of the article to warn any hardcore BMW purist to steer away from this article. What you are about to see is Stefan Bauer’s take on a classic, namely a BMW e23 728i that left the showroom’s floor back in 1983. Yes, that’s right, this is an historical vehicle which is why my warning from thebeginning makes even more sense.

Now that we got things straight, let me tell you the story of this beauty. Stefan’s vision on this car was pretty simple – slammed, classy wheels and a nice fitment to top things off.

When you live in Germany, a country with such a rich automotive heritage, especially in building custom cars, you have countless options of companies that can bag your car. Instead, Stefan decided to take the road less travelled and listened to his friend Christian’s advice and bring his car to a company in Romania to do the job.




The company of choice was AFS – Air Force Suspension and the instructions were clear and simple: slammed, reliable,easy to use and everything hidden in the trunk. Christian drove the car himself to Bucharest and handed the keys over to the guys at AFS leaving them to work their magic on the car while he went back to Germany.

The guys spared no time and equipped the car with their 4CRN-C independent air ride system. The struts have been re-manufactured to custom specs for a smooth ride and maximum low, this Bimmer laying frame like a champ.




Christian picked up the car and took it for a ride to Sibiu and back to Bucharest managing to rip off the exhaust because of driving too low :). He then headed back to Germany, managing to get there in less than 24 hours, where Stefan was waiting for him like a kid waits for Santa in the Christmas night.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the fact that the car is on stockies in the pics; while in Romania, the car received a set of timeless and period correct Gotti G1001’s that are refurbished as you feast you eyes with Ciprian’s photos.