Back to Basics – Bagged BMW E28

Photo: Mike Barz / Text: Bogdan Pacea / May 3, 2016

BMW on BBS part ….. I’ve lost count, this is getting ridiculous. But, you guys like it, it’s a very popular combination, so let’s discover another old timer saved from the scrapper by a young enthusiast. You guessed it, it’s Shark Week!




The young enthusiast’s name is Patrick and he is Austrian. For our readers outside Europe, Austria is a country next to Germany and Italy, in Europe. Australia is a continent way south, in the Indian Ocean. Moving on. The car he bought is an 1983 E28 520i BMW. Original color was Alpinweiß, but the car got a respray in Terra Rossa from Alfa Romeo. The respray was also required because of the rusted condition in which the car was, many of the body elements needed replacement: front end, rear panels, 3 doors, wheel arches, half the under floor. Everything else is left original ….




Everything but the stance, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The car sits on a 17” set of BBS RC090 with RS center caps. It’s lowered thanks to an Accuair suspension system, LOWTEC 9.3 coilovers with custombags from LOWFABRIK.




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