Air-cooled from the past – 1991 Porsche 964

Photo: Mike Barz / Text: Cristian Gabriel / October 9, 2015

For many years Simon Bauer was striving to find his dream car. Being around many Porsche enthusiasts and friends , Simon’s taste into Ferdinand’s heritage was an absolutely match. As you can see this car is not a limited edition but for the age of it, it’s certainly a rarity.




According to Simon , his 1991 Porsche 964 is running a freshly rebuild 3.6 liter flat six cylinder , special camshafts  were added to give that extra revs, a high performance air filter and also a re-tune, putting down 310 horsepower to the crankshaft. This car will outpower many cars modded by today standards. Keep in mind that the 90’s represents the Golden Era of automotive revolution.




Simon wanted his Porsche to be as OEM as possible, so he repainted it in Midnight Blue. We think this was an immaculate choice. Most of the exterior parts were refurbished or bought brand new. All the bits and bobs have their place like it came from the factory.




Stance, wheels and fitment, because these days it’s a big deal. Having a flashy custom wheel setup will place you on the top of everyone’s preferences. Simon strikes again with this absolutely stunning combination of classic mids and new school lips. The setup was well defined with 18” Rotiform slant lips on BBS RS for a perfect fit, ending with 18×8.5 +41 on the fronts and 18×10 +36 on the rear, wrapped in 215/35/18 and 245/35/18 Continental tyres.




Stop drooling, as we move on to the suspension area. Instead of going for an air ride kit suspension as most cars do for such fitments, Simon preferred the sporty feeling of a coilover suspension. This beauty is feeling now pretty nifty through  the curves thanks to this H&R Deep static setup.




Don’t feel scared, come inside, and you’ll find a nice cozy place , the perfect place you want to be in when it comes to classics. Interior was partially combined with the rally flavor as the Momo steering wheel with quick release and the custom rollcage was added .The seats were refurbished with custom leather in OEM black. Music ? Who needs that when you can listen all day to this roaring six flat? Anyways, the owner wanted the keep the original sound system of the car for the moody days.




Like a piece of history and engineering , this masterpiece will beg you to put the keys in the ignition and go anywhere you want, anytime in style but also fast. We reckon this is a true escape from the reality…