Volkswagen night in Brasov

Photo: Alex Maris / Text: / October 31, 2016

As the nights are getting colder in October, people in Brasov are gathering for the last meetings of the year. This time is was Volkswagen night.
After the sun was down, the cars started to appear in the back part of the parking lot. And what a mix of cars we had this time. Starting with a bunch of lowered Lupos, Golf gti and Polo gti, to some really classy mk2s and one t2 doka bus freshly out on the road.

LowSociety 2016 Shooting at LowctoberFest

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: / October 10, 2016

We finished 2016 season in style , with all the crew in Rasnov , for Lowctober fest . From static to bagged , from the 80`s to new models we did a short shooting in the moutains . 


Simply Static – Geo’s Static Audi A3 2.0 TDI

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Cristi Gabriel / September 25, 2016

It seems that Georgian can’t stay away from this VW fever that is going on nowadays. He always used to surprise us , also with his static MK4 VW Golf, which was indeed a great car to start a build with. It’s inspiring to see people choosing coilovers over an air ride setup even though the platform of the car will be very difficult to manage the lows. But like we know , there is always a way out.

Back to Basics – Bagged BMW E28

Photo: Mike Barz / Text: Bogdan Pacea / May 3, 2016

BMW on BBS part ….. I’ve lost count, this is getting ridiculous. But, you guys like it, it’s a very popular combination, so let’s discover another old timer saved from the scrapper by a young enthusiast. You guessed it, it’s Shark Week!

Less is more – Bagged `09 Audi A4

Photo: Mike Crawat / Text: Bogdan Pacea / January 23, 2016

If you suffer from a heart condition, you might need your doctor’s permission to check out the following pics. Our good friend, Mike Crawat, hooked us up again with some amazing shots of an 2009 Audi A4.

Alexandru Maris – The art of reviving history.

Photo: Alexandru Maris / Text: / December 24, 2015

Alexandru was born in 1991 in Sibiu, RO and became an automotive addict with ease due to the parents’ first cars: a rear-engined Skoda 120 followed by a hippie T2. By the age of fourteen the passion developed in drawing cars and later to automotive design. In few years he self-taught himself several 3D virtual modelling and photo editing softwares and started wining online drawing contest.

Eurocar Beach Edition 2015 The Movie

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: / December 17, 2015

We have a new movie , afterc City Spring Edition and Chill & Grill Movies is time for us to go at the seaside from an awsome event by Streetmaniacs . Have a nice watch of Ciprian`s new footage .

End of the season – Lowctober Fest

Photo: Ciprian Mihai / Text: Bogdan Pacea / October 13, 2015

 Today we’ll speak about cars, but most important, about passion for cars. A passion that unites us all. I’ll try to keep this brief, as the photos that Ciprian took at the event are pretty self-explanatory. But, with your permission, I’d like to make just a few remarks.